Let the training begin!

28 10 2009

Well today marks day 1 of Half Marathon training and the 1st 3 mile run can now be crossed off!  I had no intention of completing these 3 miles on the TRACK but a funny thing happened last night as my little buttercup, honey muffin, lump o’love “M” had an epiphany… It all started with a book I gave her for her 9th birthday.


So, we are in bed last night, both of us reading and she says  “Hey Mom,  in this book it says that I should get off the couch and go outside and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day!”


I cannot believe my ears!!   On a daily basis, daily I tell you, I ask my kids to go for a run with me, to try the healthy dish I have prepared, this happens DAILY!  And it’s as if she has NEVER heard one of these conversations.  Either that or because it’s written in this American Girl book it must be so!

It’s too late for today honey, since we’re in bed and all, but I will be going for a run tomorrow if you’d like you’re welcome to join me.  “Sure” she says, and she did.

DSC01182Which is how I ended up at the High School track doing my 3 miles.  It ended up being quiet entertaining as the footbal players were practicing some drills on the field and the track team was also using the track.  For about 37 minutes I prenteded I was back in high school.  It was fun!  My little track star decided that one lap of walking and another of walk/running was enough for her so she took the tennis ball she found and played on the tennis courts while I completed my run.

This weekend marks the end of daylight savings time 😦  I do not like coming out of work to a dark drive home.   What I will enjoy though is the early sunrise that will allow me to get my running done early!  You see, I have this trick I like to play with myself that I used to play on my older kids when this time change happened.  When they were little I could have them in bed by 7:30 because they had no idea it wasn’t bedtime… it felt like bedtime so it must be bedtime.  So, next week my plan is to get up at the same time I am now,  except that the clock will read 5:30 instead of 6:30 and that is where I will squeeze in my workout!  Ta-da!!   It’s like I’m a superhero or something!  Hi I’m Super MOM and I create TIME!   Here’s an extra hour for ya!  Use it wisely or it will be taken away, poof!  I must do this because if I don’t, it wont happen.  It will be too dark to run when I get home and I’m not too fond of running in the dark.

Speaking of Hummus, (yeah whatever- it’s my blog) I will never pay for Hummus again!   I made my own for the very first time the other day and HOLY MOLY, who knew!?!   I think I know where my kids get it (the non listening thing) I mean, I’ve read how easy it is, how delicious it is but geez this stuff is amazing!  I’m not sure if it’s how cheap it was to make or how really really easy it was but all I know is I waited far too long to try this!

Off to watch the end of The Biggest Loser and then pass out… Have a wonderful Day everyone!!





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28 10 2009

So much to comment on!

First – YAY for the first day of half marathon training! It’s so hilarious how that when they hear something from somewhere else – even though you’ve said it 100x time before, it’s the smartest idea ever! But ya know what? It’s ok! At least this is what I tell myself. It’s ok – She went, she ran, she watched you run – you’re setting a great example, she knows she can ask you something like that and you’ll really do it with her. All good stuff. I can’t wait to run with my girls!

I personally can’t WAIT for the extra hour – I too will be getting up at the same time and enjoying these early morning sunrises again while they last. Come on December 21 I’m ready for the days to start getting longer again! 😉 I do remember hating that drive home from work in the dark though. Driving TO work and FROM work in the dark is the pits!

And oh yes – speaking of hummus – The day I figured out I could make hummus at home was a banner day for me as well. I do it ALL the time – I’m positive my food processor has already paid for itself in all the money I have saved making my own hummus instead of buying it! 😉

28 10 2009

Gooood Morning Berni!

YAH for M going with you! and I totally know the feeling of not being “validated” until say Dr. Oz says yoga and daily cardio and green juices are good for you before anyone “hack” husband “hack” listens to you!


but regardless people watch and see your example (even if they don’t seem to be paying attention) so good for you

daylight savings…..

means it’s pitch black when I get home …for Me…I could handle the dark drive to work…it’s just a drive and it’s light when I get there…but getting home in the pitch blackness of night depresses me…and here come the tears……seriously…I have been dreading it for weeks becasuse as soon as I sniffed Fall in the air I have noticed the daylight dwindling from my precious outside time with JJ.

we don’t go out even now because it’s dark(ish) but in a few more days I won’t even have daylight at all and my life feels like the grind and no mom life.

I have to figure it out…some way to make it okay…one day at home with doodle bug and I have the total work life depression ick.

I LOVE Summer for one reason..it’s light until what after 8 pm. so even if I am home after 6 I have a few hours to go outside and find lady bugs and caterpillars and feel like I have some “day” with my son and hubs.


but I guess that AM yoga in some sort of light will be nice…i guess.

I make hummus but I am not in love with my home made version yet.
it is always dry.
still working on it!
sorry for the novel!

Happy Wendesday and enjoy today’s run with M!!!!

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