Where did the time go?

31 10 2009

In honor of “flashback friday”  I’m going to take a walk down memory lane…

My morning started with a stop at the little one’s school to snap some pictures of her in her Halloween costume (she was with Daddy last night so he took her to school).  I was a little afraid of the costume she had chosen because in the flyer we got from the costume store it seemed a bit Risque’ but she assured me it was NOT.  Dad was ok with it so I wasn’t too worried.  She looked very cute, much cuter in person than the pics show- it’s not obvious but she was a Harajuku girl.!   And she was oh so happy with it so all was well.


Makenna in the middle with 2 of her bestest buds

It made me remember a time when she was SO happy to go to Disneyland and visit with the Princesses and play dress up and loved all the frilly silly girlie things.


Just spending the day with my favorite Princess...

Which brings me back to the day we spent at Disneyland, it was the year she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween… we had spent the day going from Princess to Princess and with each one we got a picture and an autograph.  On our way out of the park we stopped in one of the gift shops to see if we could find a Minnie Mouse ornament for our Christmas tree, since they had them in the stores at this point…  while we were in the store, an employee came up to us to see if there was anything he could help us find.  As I turned to look at him I realized that he was a ‘little person’ and was the exact same height as my darling little sweet lump o’love…my heart STOPPED I tell you.  Because what happened next is a TRUE story, I can’t make this stuff up.  It was one of those moments where it feels like the world around you STOPS and you and everyone involved are moving in S L O W motion.  So, at the same moment I realized they were eye to eye, she proceeds to put her hands on her hips and in her most matter of fact voice says

wait for it…..

wait for it…..

“Your just like a shrimp!”

Lord, why me???  I’ve been a good girl… really?!?!   I mean at that point what do you say???   I told him I was VERY sorry and that she really didn’t mean anything by it but that we call her a shrimp and yadda yadda yadda….  He was very nice and said “oh don’t worry about it”  all I could do was grab her pudgy little hand and leave…with no ornament.  Sorry, kid you blew it.  No Minnie Mouse ornament this year.

To this day when I hear that “Wanna get away?” commercial, it takes me back to this day and to that I say “YES, I’ll take a one way ticket to Vermont”  for another flashback… not quiet so far back but a beautiful memory just the same.

Ride like the wind!!







4 responses

31 10 2009

that was PRECIOUS…AND Hysterical!

I am still crying…my eyes..are just watering!

I swear!

my baby brother called a MUCH OLDER woman in the grocery store a “clown” cuz she had ruby red cheeks and bright blue eye shadow and penciled eyebrows and RED RED hair…

he asked her”are you a clown?”
She didn’t her him the first time as my Mom and I recoiled in horror…she bent closer to him…”What did you say honeeeeeeey?


I am NOT A CLOWN and huffed to the baking aisle.

we were never so horrified. and neither will we ever let him forget it.
(was like 25 years ago)

oh, SWEET BABES they are!

so glad the man was cool about it!
(ps…when my Teen was 5 he had a super huge crush on Belle! and we went to Disneyland and he followed (stalked more like it) till she gave us a picture with him.

he’s a lady’s man…to the core!
gotta find THAT PIC
oh the day’s before digital!

31 10 2009

“Are you a clown?”
That is priceless!! I still laugh every time I think of that day… 6 years later and it’s laughable! I just never know what will come out of this girls mouth, she’s quiet the character!!

You aren’t kidding about the day’s before digital, my dad just found a shoebox of mine in his garage FILLED with rolls of film!! Some are those disc films that we thought were ‘all that’. I’m debating on spending the money to get them developed or not… I remember spending $50 on developing only to get 1 or 2 good pics. But I’m sure there’s bound to be some HILARITY in there!! God only knows what’s on that film… ??? Do I really want my kids to see it?? Do I want to see it??

31 10 2009
Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

Thx for finding my blog Berni….adorable family you have 🙂

31 10 2009

OMG what a story!

A few weeks ago at the co-op were at the check out and our cashier was a young man with jet black hair, those huge earrings/holes in his ears (wishing I was cool enough right now to know the name for that), multiple face piercings… Maxine says, loud enough for him to hear – “I don’t like him mommy. He’s ugly.”


*cough*AHEM*cough*HACK* over everything she said until we were out of there – which definitely did not happen soon enough.

Gotta love it.

LOVE that Cinderella and Minnie Mouse pic! So sweet.

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