The dirt, nothin but the dirt…

6 11 2009

This is how it goes,  I think about food,  I prepare food, I eat food… I don’t seem to photograph food…  it’s not something I do.   I’ll try harder.  What I do photograph is FUN.


This is what you get when you give a 9 year old a camera...

I believe kids need fresh air,  they need love and they need food (not necessarily in that order).  Nor is this all they need but so far I’ve managed to meet all these needs.  I’ve always said the dirtier the kid the better the day was!  There is nothing quiet like a dirty kid at the end of the day.   I have never been nor will I ever be the fussy, keep your hands and clothes clean type of mom.   I believe that is why we have soap and water… go play and if ya get dirty so be it.

So when I look out my back door and see this:


It makes mama happy!!!

The sweetest 9 year old I know, still in school clothes (minus the shoes) and the first place she goes is her ‘kitchen’ under the avocado tree….  What is she doing??   I’m glad you asked!   Today’s special happens to be a Raw Vegan dish.   Best of all, it’s Organic!


The basic recipe includes:

3 C dirt

1 1/2 C water

leaves for garnish

Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients and stir until smooth.   Transfer to serving dish and garnish with leaves.

Optional mix ins:



Be creative and have fun!!


And always remember…… to smile for the camera!!


And just for the record, she cleans up nicely…



How’s this for a flashback friday???    This is going WAAAYYYYYYY back,   back to the day when I was proud of those abs!!


As pure and innocent as they come...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Go outside and get dirty would ya!  It’s good for the soul!





2 responses

7 11 2009

OH, I’m a total play and get messy Mom. At the end of the day I probably am messier than JJ.

and love it!

We created an interactive garden in our back yard for that purpose! get outside and learn about nature hands on!

Happy Saturday!

8 11 2009

Mmmm mud pie! I’m totally gonna try that this week! 😉

Love the top pic of you – your my kind of mama! 😀

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