6 miles with Jillian!

15 11 2009

Lions and tigers and WIND, oh my!!!

I hate wind.

I know HATE is a strong word but I HATE wind!!

I’ll take rain any day of the week over wind,  the rain just feels so cleansing but wind- it does nothing but dry me out, slow me down and cover me in grit!!  YUK!

But there was a 6 mile run on the training plan for today so sister and I headed out to the trail to tackle it head on…

So, ok well maybe Jillian wasn’t there PHYSICALLY, it was really my sister.  But this morning I swear Jillian Michaels was right behind me!   For those of you that watch The Biggest Loser, you’ve seen how Jillian makes the contestants put a rope around their waste and then she holds on to the ends of the rope and they have to run and drag her behind them… well that is what the last 3 miles of my run felt like this morning, I may as well have been dragging Jillian behind me.

We had a 3 mile out and back course today and the first 3 miles the wind was at our backs so it pushed us right along…but then we had to turn around and come back and face the wind head on…that my friends was pure torture.  Today I felt like those last 3 miles was survival of the fittest.  And I’m ashamed to say that there was a couple walk breaks somewhere between mile 4 & 6. Probably about 3,  I kept them VERY short and tried to keep my pace as fast as I could but geez, the wind was sucking the life right out of me…

My stats for this morning were

6.43 miles      duration 1:17

mile 1-  10:42

mile 2- 10:29

mile 3- 10:46

mile 4- 11:50

mile 5- 12:59

mile 6- 11:55

mile.43- 8:28 (cool down)

I’m off to wash off this grit and enjoy my day!

Have a wonderful Sunday




4 responses

15 11 2009

Wind or no…be proud! What an awesome work out!
gosh..I don’t know anything about Biggest Loser or Jillian. I am always slow to get with the programs!

But if some chick was dragging herself behind me with a rope tied around my waist I’d go find her some skates!


nice job! I am in awe of you guys and your dedication.
no cooking
no jogging and a nap!

16 11 2009

ugh, running in the wind really does suck, I’d take rain over wind any day too!

You know, I’ve often thought I’d love to try that rope work out with Jillian – only with Jillian though. Otherwise I’m not interested.

Great trail run, I loved mine yesterday and want to do them more often!

16 11 2009

LOL ICAN Webmaster was me! I just set up a blog yesterday for the group I do non-profit work for and apparently I was still logging in to WP under that acct!

21 11 2009

I was going to pretend to be icaneatcheezburgerz but it was already taken!

so where has Berni been? keep waiting for an update. GUYS. I did my couch to 5k day 3 jog outside today and it kicked my old tired BUTT.

I was pushing the stroller and hit a hill right at the run part. I DID IT but I am exhausted. Even after coconut water and a nice shower and now lunch.

you guys ROCK …just wanted you to know!

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