Warning: Gross horn tooting ahead…

27 12 2009

10 MILES BABY!!!!  Oh, Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

I run for hope

I run to feel

I run for truth

for all that is real.

I run for your mother, your sister, your wife

I run for you and me, my friend

I run for LIFE!

That song by Melissa Etheridge is an amazing running song!!  And the fact that she’s singing about running makes it even more powerful.

It’s funny what sort of things you can learn from running 10 miles.  Some of it useful, some not so much….

At mile 1 I learned that there probably isn’t anything my sister won’t do for me…  being that neither one of us has EVER been athletic in our lives and she at one point dislocated BOTH knees and had to have surgery to remove shards of bone from her knees, we never in a million years would have thought we’d be running 10 miles…but here we are.

At mile 2 I learned that no matter how cold it is (45 degrees is COLD to us California girls) even a light jacket will start to feel like you’ve overdressed.

At mile 3 I learned how to take above mentioned jacket and gloves off, put gloves into jacket pocket, zip it up and tie it around my waist without missing a single step.   I can only think of two occasions where this newly found skill of undressing while running could be useful.  The first is while trying to cover mileage as I was this morning without stopping, the other would be if I found the man of my dreams and was running into the bedroom with him and not wanting to STOP and undress…you get the picture.  Other than that, no use to this skill….

At mile 4 & 6 I learned that certain body parts (abs, ankle & knee) will remind me that they are still there and not to happy about the current activity but will once again quiet down on their own.

At mile 8 I learned that the old saying “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is true!  Last week when we ran 8 miles, the last 2 were brutal.  This week I felt GOOD at mile 8!

And finally at mile 10 I learned that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to do.  ANYTHING.   If my half marathon was today could I have done it?  I believe I could.  Would it have been hard? Yes.  Would it have hurt?  Yes.  But really I think that our bodies are STRONG and it’s the mental aspect that holds us back so many times.  I remember the week of Couch to 5k that jumped from an 8 minute run to a 20 minute run.  I was sure there was NO WAY I could do 20 minutes so I repeated the previous week.  I had to tell myself that I could do it…  my body was able it was my mind that was late to the party.

After our run, sister and I have a ritual,  we meet at Starbucks for coffee.  I had them add a shot of Mocha to my coffee, it was a well deserved treat!   Mmmmm good!

One last thing I learned is that according to GARMIN I burned 1172 calories this morning.  If only I had the energy to replenish them…

I think I’ll make some juice!  I see a MOVIE DAY ahead…

Run like the wind my friends….and have a wonderful day!!




2 responses

28 12 2009

OH my….I am so flipping happy (and jealous) for you!
I laughed so hard at your bit about Couch to 5K…guess what week I am on???

week 5. yes, that week were you run 5 minutes, 8 minutes and then GASP 20.

and yes, I contemplated doing week 4 over again…especially after I heard THAT.

I will just trust that I CAN DO IT, and try!
I love all the things you learned!
way to go BERNI!!!!!

I need to find a 5K to shoot for!

29 12 2009
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Wow. That is SO amazing!!! Kudos to you for accomplishing such a HUGE goal!!! 😀

Thanks for sharing with us…


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