A free glass

4 01 2010

It wasn’t long ago that a certain Mama told us about a Free glass with every jar.  Well I finally got my free glass!!

So tasty too!!!

And what might this beautiful juice be???  That would be carrot, apple & cranberry thank you very much!!   It also had a handful of spinach thrown in because you can never have too many greens…  I still don’t think I’ve gotten my juicing legs yet because I still feel a little chicken to stray too far away from carrot/apple & either orange or cranberry.    I have done some romaine with carrot/apple and that was good too but the time I tried adding ginger- WOW!  I didn’t really like that one as much.   Tonight when I put the spinach in the juicer it kinda flung around and I’m not really sure how much of it actually became juice.  I think I will save my spinach for smoothies.

My kids laugh at me and my juicer-  they think I’m funny.  It turns out my girls can be bought though.  They both have agreed to take cold hard CASH in exchange for them taking a drink of my juice.  The boy on the other had will not.  It may or may not have something to do with this excerpt I read to him from The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing book:

“Beet juice is potent stuff.  Never drink it solo.  Always dilute it with a milder juice such as apple, carrot or cucumber.  Pure beet juice-from the bulb or the greens-may temporarily paralyze your vocal chords, cause you to break out in hives, increase your heart rate and give you alternating chills and fever.”

Even I had to laugh at that one!!!

So, me and my best girl did some shopping yesterday.  She had a giftcard burning a hole in her pocket and I will use any excuse under the sun to go to Barnes & Noble so off we went.

This lovely lady managed to stay within her $20 gift card budget…. mommy on the other hand swiped the old debit card like I wasn’t even breaking a resolution.

I’ve given myself a deadline of the 15th to get the “budget” buttoned down and from then on out I will be on a self imposed “cash only” basis… to avoid the old debit card swipes that I don’t give a second thought to.

I also got this DELICIOUS tea while at B&N

pretty darn tasty….

Over the past few days when I’m not out running around swiping my debit card like it’s going out of style, I’ve been thinking about my resolutions.   It may also be that I’ve been reading alot about resolutions and goals this week too…some of us are doing Green Smoothie Cleanses,  but I’ve been thinking (uh oh), that while the list I’ve made is purely personal and really only I will benefit from them, it might be fun to do a monthly challenge that will benefit anyone BUT myself.

So, this month my monthly challenge is for me to take my re-useable cloth grocery bags with me on EVERY single shopping trip.  No more leaving them hanging on the kitchen doorknob, no more leaving them in the trunk of my car…No more plastic bags in the landfill from ME this month… I declare January RE-USEABLE shopping bag month.

Wish me luck!




3 responses

4 01 2010

I think that sounds like an AWESOME January goal. I should actually Buy some of those reusable bags and use them for other than lug my crap o stuff to to desk and back.

carrot apple ginger cranberry is the BOMB and if you are loving it…no worries.

but my original go to juice was celery apple carrot. sweet and I added greens as I went. Romaine is pretty darn sweet as is spinach. kale and collards are more bitter. Celery is good for calming and is a good diuretic. if you add that dreaded beet to your celery apple carrot you have a great PMS elixer. (don’t give it to Brother) haha

you’re gonna be a pro in no time!

I juiced every freakin’ day for a year once (in 2000) and burned up 3 juiceman Jr’s. I am on my 4th juicer now.

watermelon juice is great post jog esp in summer and juice the rind.
well, I could write a book so I’ll stop here.

lately I make the green lemonade. leafy greens, celery, cucumber, 1 apple, 1 peeled lemon and ginger and perhaps a carrot (or not)

but my favorite is carrot apple cranberry ginger HANDS DOWN

love your trip to b&n. I am dangererous and our BROTHER had a gift card for there too. better leave my plastic at home!

15 01 2010

I join you on this goal. I too have a ton of shopping bags around……Trader Joe bags too……
Enjoying your blog!

16 01 2010

I would have picked up the same stuff at B and N. In fact, I was there last weekend and looked for omnivore’s dilemma and could not find it! Let me know how it is………….

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