Purl girls…

22 01 2010

What’s a girl to do when she’s been rained in???

Drag out the ole knitting bag and begin a project or two or three!!

So, me and my best girls took advantage of a break in the storm to make a run to Michael’s for some yarn.   Some people spin their own but I am not that patient talented, so off to Michael’s I went…

And look at the loot  we came home with!

5 skeins of yarn, new needles and some Knifty Knitter Looms

I was eyeballing a new project that looked fun and thought I’d give it a whirl.  It’s a ‘Cowl” which is basically a tube like scarf.  I had forgotten how theraputic and relaxing knitting is!!   I can’t put it down and will probably be done with it tonight.  Good thing I got more yarn!

The girls also started projects,  Jessica is making a beanie and Makenna a scarf.  They’ve been busy little bees all afternoon, nice warm cozy girls knitting quietly-  it just doesn’t get any better than this on a rainy day!

So that’s what we’ve been doing while on rainy day schedule….

I did head out for a 1.5 mile run yesterday during a break in the rain,  the intent was to do 3 but I realized quickly I had on too many layers and was still coughing too much to get my breathing rhythm down.  It was a good thing I cut it short because 5 minutes after I got home the sky opened up and POURED unbelievably hard!!!   There’s a 10 miler on the schedule for this Sunday-  our last LONG run before our Half on the 7th!!   I pray that we don’t have rain on Sunday and that I feel as good during this 10 miler as I did the last.

Stay dry my friends and if you must go out you should probably take the canoe!




2 responses

22 01 2010

did I say LOVE IT!

yeah for Rainy days, and Michael’s.

I love that soft chunky yarn! I can’t wait to see it done!
Yay…more knitting!

I’m off for some tea and more yarn myself.

23 01 2010

what a great idea! it has been awful in so cal the last week…..very hard to stay on the fitness regime.

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