New kicks!

28 01 2010

Yeah baby…rolling like a big shot  Mama’s got a new pair of kicks!!

Same shoe, new version Asics GT2150

I didn’t realize I was even due for new shoes until my knee started SCREAMING after last weeks 10 miler.   After experiencing some pretty bad pain I realized that the 2 pairs of shoes I have been running in were over a year old!!   Given that I ran 375+ miles last year I’d say they were ready to be retired.   The general rule of thumb is 300-500 miles or 6 months for a pair of shoes.  After doing some research I found it is not uncommon for someone who is running regularly to feel knee pain after about 250 miles on a pair of shoes…   I felt lucky that I had been able to get over a year and many more miles out of my shoes.  With less than 2 weeks before my first Half Marathon I figured I better get some new kicks and break those puppies in!!

and the GOOF is off!!

I headed out for their Inaugural run and planned on doing an easy 3 miles.  Right before I hit the one mile mark my knee started hurting so I debated on turning around, continuing on the 3 mile route or making a turn to cut it short and do a 2 mile run…   I opted for the latter and made a turn.   As I kept on running my knee pain started to go away,  I would have stopped running if it had gotten worse but it went away and by the end of the 2 miles it was fine.  Just for good measure I am going to ice it and rest it for a few more days and hope that by Sunday I’ll be good as new for my 7 mile taper run which will be our last longish run before the Half.

2 miles in 20:42 with a couple stops for drivers on cell phones and a train...I'm happy

In other exercise news…  I promised my friend Cindy that I would participate in her Pilates Challenge this month.  Yeah.  Not so much.   At first I just couldn’t squeeze it in, then I found myself with some extra time on my hands and figured now was as good a time as any… I got a Pilates DVD for beginners at the library,  the lady bugged me and I couldn’t get thru the 1st workout, something about her voice I just couldn’t get past.  Not ready to give up so quickly I went to Youtube and found another video.   I gave that one a whirl and only lasted about 10 minutes.   I think I just DO NOT like working out in the living room, on the floor all alone.  I was bored and not enjoying it.   I’m pretty sure that you should be able to relax and at least enjoy the workout-  I wasn’t.

On to the next challenge!!   In my one woman attempt at rushing Summer I thought I’d do my small part and get my arms and shoulders ready for TANK TOP SEASON!!    I’ve decided to make February my 100 push up challenge month!!  The 100 push up challenge actually goes for 6 weeks and is kind of the Couch to 5k for push ups.  I am going to do my ‘initial test’ this weekend to determine where my push up fitness level is and I will begin my challenge on Monday.  I’m thinking of adding a page to the blog for this challenge with some dreaded before and after pics… arms I can do, abs not so much.  Stay tuned!

Remember at the beginning of January I challenged myself to use my re-useable grocery bags on EVERY shopping trip??   Well, I am happy to report that it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!   I was very good about returning my bags to the car after every trip to the store and taking them in with me on all but 1 trip to the grocery store AND even Target!!   I managed to make it thru the entire month and only used ONE plastic grocery bag!!  ONE I say!  It’s kind of a funny story with that ONE bag…. had I been paying attention I would have not even used that ONE bag.   I ran in the store to grab eggs.  Nothing more than eggs.   As I was checking out my phone rang and I answered it….  the bagger put my eggs in a bag and I walked out with it.    Had I been paying attention I would have done what I intended to do and just take my carton of eggs with no bag but I wasn’t paying attention and there I was with my ONE plastic bag.  BOO!   The moral of the story here my friends is BE AWARE.   That’s all I have to say about that.

So,  do YOU have any fun challenges going on for the month of February??  I’d love to hear about them~!!

I hope your all enjoying your day!!




3 responses

28 01 2010

SERIOUSLY…you’re not feelin’ the Pilates Love? I am in SHOCK! (JK)
I am THRILLED if I get 10 minutes of floor stretch time minus a cat or a jump happy toddler on my lap…I;ll take it. I can’t follow video’s either, it’s why I just do the set when I can. I’ll make a pretzel out of ya yet!

LOVE YOUR watch / tracker/ Forerunner thingy. I have been trying to get my hands on a HR monitor OR a distance thing..but mostly a HR monitor since I am not running outside much lately. Is it a GARMIN? Do you love it? Does it tell you cals burned? (and anymore I ask myself if I really need that?)

okay, well LOVE your new shoes, you are adorable as ever, and I am IN for a push up challenge. I actually have been doing some here and there along with my Pilates. How killer would it be to out do the Teen in the push up dept.!!!

and the last thing I am gonna say is YOU GROW SOME AMAZING AVO’S M LADY

I am eating the second half of #1 today with lunch
oh my!

hope you knee simmers down.
gotta go. Need my lunch now!

28 01 2010

Love your shoes! I swear I have the same ones……..Can’t remember what number my was but they look like yours!

That is so awesome about the grocery bags-Good job!

Have a great night….

29 01 2010

Yippeee for new shoes!

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