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31 01 2010

It’s hard to believe that one week from today I will be running my very first Half Marathon!!!   eeeek!

This morning bright and early I met my sister at the trail for our final ‘long run’ before the Half.  Being our taper week we had a 7 miler planned.   Only 7 miles Ha!  I think it’s quiet funny how when I see 7 miles on the training plan I am RELIEVED.  I still vividly remember the day I could not make it one single lap around the high school track (1/4 mile) without stopping.  Believe me when I say, consistence is key.  Just keep showing up and doing your workout and you will see results, I promise.  There were times during this mornings run that I wanted so badly to stop and walk,  there were some strong internal dialogues going on that’s for sure!!   I kept telling myself if I couldn’t do 7 miles without walking there was no chance I was going to do 13.   Not that I won’t walk during my 13.1 miles next week, I mean if I have to I have to, but my goal is to run it without stopping.

Sooooo, I did my push up challenge “initial test”.   Yeah.   I got down on the floor in regular push up position, lowered myself down and then collapsed in a heap and laughed.   I could NOT get back up.  Nope, couldn’t even do ONE regular push up!!   So I tried them ‘girlie style’ on my knees and could do 12.    Now trust me, I debated with myself and even tried one regular one another time to see if I could squeeze out just one, nope.   I really thought I could do at least one regular push up but apparently my arms are in worse shape than I initially thought.   If I can’t do even one regular then there’s no chance I can even get thru the first workout doing them regular style.  Girlie style it is, at least for me.  I will start the program tomorrow and figure once I get finished with it I can always do it again with regular push ups if I want right??

For any of you that are dog lovers and really, who isn’t???   Go check out Fitfeat, there’s a sweet doggie over there that needs your help!

Well,  Grammy’s are on tonight and this girl loves her some music awards so I’m off to feed the kiddos and sit my sweet patootie on the couch to watch!!

Have a wonderful week my friends!!




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31 01 2010

well, I might be able to put out a COUPLE push ups (and that’s all they are)…but a 7 miler would be the end of me. I RAN today…ugly as they are but I did 2 runs this week. I WILL keep at it. Maybe some day we can run a race together…WHEN I CATCH UP LADY!

I did my day one of the push up challenge. You would think resting for 60 seconds makes it easy…but by the 3rd set I was DONE.

THANKS for finding such a great summer bicep challenge!!!

Today wiped me out. I am eating CARBS for dinner!

1 02 2010

I don’t think I could do one normal push up either! I should probably be doing the challenge. I am proud of you for racing the half next weekend! How awesome…….

4 02 2010
Mel- Tall Mom on the Run

The Half Marathon is AMAZING!! And FYI if you need to walk a little it is fine, you will still get a medal 🙂

I will be sure to link you in on high five friday!!

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