Ready or not!

5 02 2010


The weekend has finally arrived.  You know the one.  It’s the weekend I will be running my very 1st Half Marathon!!!


I’m not afraid of alot but one thing I do fear is the UNKNOWN.  Which would explain the butterflies that feel like they are trying to tear their way out of my stomach!  I keep telling myself that “I CAN DO THIS” and really I know that I can but I’m still nervous.

Sorry for the randomness of this post but I am having a hard time focusing on anything other than Sunday right now and I just wanted to share a few things…

After 15 weeks of training and even more time mentally preparing, I have done two 10 mile runs.  One felt great, one not so much.   Looking back at the training I think it was an OK plan, but I have already been thinking of ways to tweak it a bit to get more out of it.

Yep you guessed it, there WILL be another one.  I kind of have that mentality of “if one is good, two is better”  so sometime around the Fall I will plan for another Half.

My sister and I run on the riverbed trail every Sunday morning for our long runs.  Every Sunday we see this woman running, we see her on our return trip so she is always running toward us and we always say HI.   Last weekend I asked her as we ran by if she would be at Surf City and she said YES.   I wonder if we’ll see her there…  I just found it interesting, like ‘running’ is the ‘shoelace’ that ties us all together.

Tapering is hard mentally,  I find that I have the urge to go out and run or I’ll lose all that I’ve built up.  I know that is not true but not running the week before a big event is as hard as I’ve heard it to be.   I ran my last run yesterday, an easy peasy 2.5 miles.  Then I came home and whipped up some juice!!

An interesting thing I learned while training for this (from Thrive of course!) is that immediately after a hard workout you need to replace the Glycogen stores in your muscles.   I always thought that I needed protein immediately after a hard workout, it turns out that should come a bit later.  According to Thrive,  immediately following a workout, the best snack is one that contains Simple Carbohydrates with no fats, not even good fats.  This will allow you to replace the glycogen in your muscles so that it will be readily available for your next workout.   The nutrient rich meal that would include protein should follow about an hour later.

Carrot, Romaine, Beet & Apple   Mmmmm good!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, watching football, getting massages, going wine tasting, running 10 miles, whatever it is YOU will be doing this weekend… just know that you will all be with me at the beach as I run my first Half.  Thank you for all of the encouragement and kind words.




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5 02 2010
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Well, I have never been a runner BUT I can totally relate to being nervous about the UNKNOWN! Phew! Can relate for sure…

I’m positive you’ll do absolutely wonderful running your half marathon, Berni. 😀

Big hugs,

5 02 2010

Have fun! After you finish your first half, you’ll be hooked! Enjoy it 🙂

5 02 2010

oh my goodess berni
i wish i had something like words of wisdom to give you. i am still dreaming of runnung a 5k…

youve worked hard …youve planned well…and no matter how it goes sunday YOU ROCK

this comment is courtesy of my kindle…stick it to the man!

5 02 2010

and you my friend are absolutely right, I’ve worked hard and planned well…
and thanks for sticking it to the man on my account!! Your a good friend!!!

Enjoy your day sunday, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

Love you!!

5 02 2010

Okay, it’s Ricky, Lucy’s Hubs……..I read your post and have to say you have missed the obvious…… are the butterfly, for you have changed from a non runner caterpillar, to a beautiful free spirited butterfly.

When you run you run for your health, and the beach atmosphere will provide the scenery that will let you soar, and you WILL be happy with your run, I know everyone here will be, as will everyone else, so what’s to worry?

After all the half marathon is only a group of 5k’s tied together, which you can do hands down.

Imagined fear is always the worst. especially for those with great imaginations, so just imagine your running for something you really love, and then do it afterwards, this way you’ll create A POSITIVE experience and you’ll enjoy your runs more.

Just remember no beans before the run. laughter may be great at breaking stress but it definitely doesn’t mix well with running.

5 02 2010

Awwww Ricky… that means alot to me!! And I so appreciate you hijacking Lucy’s identity to get me this message!!

You are so right when you say that I am the butterfly! What an awesome way to look at it. I know I can run 1 mile so on Sunday I will run 1 mile 13 times!

No beans, no laughing.

You two have a wonderfully relaxing day and just enjoy each other!!


6 02 2010

You are gonna rock this race! Have fun and enjoy every mile. I will be rooting for you tomorrow. Maybe we can run a half together sometime!

6 02 2010
Shari B.

Berni, BEST OF LUCK tomorrow sister! You’ll do GREAT! I know it! Have fun! Enjoy every moment and if you start feeling like it’s hard, just remind yourself all you are doing is putting ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. Then it’s a piece of cake!

Can’t wait to hear all about it!

6 02 2010
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