keepin’ it real

15 02 2010

This story could have been told differently…   I could put up a post about how awesome the 60 mile Tour de Palm Springs ride went…. leaving out details and painting a nice pretty picture.

But since I’m all for keepin’ in real I’m going to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

I didn’t finish the ride.

The weather could not have been any better if I would have special ordered it and I had the best day regardless of the outcome!!

The day started out not so bright and early…5:00am we headed out in the dark to the start line where we parked and had breakfast.   Our start was at 8:00am and I heard the announcement saying there was 10,000 riders this year!!  Wowie!!    Nothing like a long bike ride with 10,000 of your closest friends!

We conquered the hills in the first 10 miles with no problem.  At the first SAG stop (mile 18) I was still feeling strong.  Then somewhere around mile 25 the lactic acid in my legs was getting pretty bad.  My sit bones were also screaming….  something about the new seat they were sitting on, they were not getting along!   Great…..

The second SAG stop was at mile 32 and it was there I decided it wasn’t fun anymore and I informed sister that I would probably not make it the 60 miles… but she was still feeling really good so she was not going to hop the shuttle with me.   I thought I could make it to the next stop so we headed out…   these next 12 miles were all about survival and I seriously was in pain.   I stopped every 4-5 miles and by the time I got to the shuttle I thought I’d either cry or throw up!!

I jumped on that shuttle and was never happier to be off my bike.   It took about 45 min before we arrived at the finish line… and by then my legs were starting to calm down.   I made it there to see sister cross the finish line and was never more proud of that girl!

Looking back there are probably a few reasons I was not able to finish,  none of them alone would have done it but all of them together spelled trouble.

  • The longest ride on the new bike before this was 30 miles…
  • I had not been on the bike since my trip to Vermont which was early October!!!   (what was I thinking??)
  • I got horrible sleep the night before the ride…
  • I had just ran a Half Marathon 6 days prior.
  • my pre-ride dinner was not very carb heavy

all in all, I had done the ride before and after just coming off of my Half Marathon high I was just out there for fun which is why I decided that when it stopped being fun I was tapping out….

Here are some pictures of day in the sun!!




5 responses

15 02 2010
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

Aw! You did your bestest, Berni, and that’s what matters the most!

Love the sunny photos!

And you should be PROUD – I couldn’t have made it that far!!!


15 02 2010

I’m sorry to hear about your tough ride, but good for you in remembering that it’s about the enjoyment and the journey, not just crossing the line!

15 02 2010

OH MY 45 miles after your half??? That is amazing..AMAZING. Good for you and what a GORGEOUS weekend to be out in the sun! So jealous! YEAH for sister too.

you guys rock. no sweat over not finishing it. who cares!

I seriously need a bike. SOON.

15 02 2010


Great pics and great job……Considering you have not really ridden since october did you say? Crazy girl you! And you still managed 45 miles-wow.

Have a great day and tell Cindy I have a bike she can buy from me!

15 02 2010
Shari B.

I love that you and your sister do these events together! so fun! I’m envious of your beautiful weather there! I can’t wait till it’s warm weather here in Colorado again! 🙂

Congrats on getting in 45 miles! Cycling and I have never really hit it off 😉 I’m in awe!

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