Feast or famine? You decide…

1 11 2009

You see, in my world there’s not alot of ‘gray area’ it’s black or white, all or nothing…  take yesterday for example.   I go thru all the motions to prepare for Halloween because even though the young ‘un was going to be with her daddy, we still want to be in the spirit, so we carve pumpkins on Sunday (too early I know but that’s when it was convenient)


sharp knives- check! old shower curtain-check! permission to be messy-check!!

and our finished product was something we were all very proud of!!!


The happy little pumpkin family


What started out like this...


now looked like this


good for only the compost bin...

***This message has been temporarily interrupted to make a plea for help… sometimes people, you just gotta reach out for help.   If someone, anyone can PLEASE tell me why I cannot rotate my pictures and save them in the manner they were intended to be viewed, I would GREATLY appreciate it…  I mean really, I’m not asking for much here.  Now in the spirit of the day, please just tilt your head to the left and pretend that what you are about to see is not laying on it’s side.  We will now resume your regularly scheduled program. ***


Let’s see, what am I missing???

scary decorations-got em!


BOO! doesn't get any scarier than that people!!

Token black cat- check!


you lookin' at me?

$37 worth of candy for Trick or Treaters- check!

So can you imagine my disappointment when NOT ONE trick or treater showed up at my door??  The Horror of it!!

That my friends is the famine part of this show.   But because I’m not gonna let that get me down, I’m gonna have myself some feasts!  That’s right, there’s nothing better than some good ole Vegetarian chili to make a girl feel better, 2 bowls to be exact.  Thank you  Ali for the inspiration!

can we all say Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

can we all say Mmmm Mmmm Good!

and because I knew I’d be the only one eating it, and because I like my chili SPICY…


these were added... oh yeah!

I also had 2 bowls of delicious Toasted Apple Cinnamon Cereal ala Thrive and that too was scrum-didly-uptious!!


just check out this bowl full of goodness!!!

and then sometime around 6ish, I got a little off track… I found myself putting chicken fingers with buffalo sauce into my mouth, followed by some Peach Cobbler!!  But let’s pretend THAT never happened…

This morning, I was up early to make good on my promise that I’d use my early daylight hours for good, and so I did.  I suited up and headed out for a 4 mile run.  And ran I did…into that BLACK area I talked about earlier.  I have never run farther than 6.2 miles (10k) so I have NO IDEA what it feels like to run a Half Marathon.  But this morning those 4 miles felt like a half marathon!  What gives??   Why is it feeling like it’s just SO HARD????   I’m completely confused because I just feel like I’m struggling so much with it these past couple weeks.  I mean I expect this when I get into the double digits but after a year and a half of running shouldn’t 4 miles be a walk in the park??  I know it’s mental, it’s got to be… but why??

My 4 miles looked like this:

distance   4.10 miles

duration   4:53

mile 1 pace 11:03

mile 2 pace 12:23

mile 3 pace 13:18

mile 4 pace 11:10

those numbers bring me down… about a year into my running my ‘happy pace’ was about 10:15 and it was consistent, I could hold that pace for over 3 miles.  Now I can’t even get to that pace.  I must do some digging deep to find the root of this problem and see what I can come up with… I know I have it in me, I just need to find it.

Now that I’ve managed to bring y’all down let’s try to end this on a happy note!

IMG_0050 (1)

Peat, repeat and their little wingman aka: Frick, Frack and the heartattack...

Works for me every time!!

and let’s all remember…

IMG_0020 (1)

Have a wonderful Sunday!!