A year in review…

30 12 2009

Let’s talk about goals…  seems they are the talk of the town this week as I haven’t heard a single mention of Tiger Woods but everyone is a buzz about the New Year that is quickly approaching.

I’m a sucker for lists.   I am forever making lists, usually on a Post-it because in case you didn’t know,  my name is Bernadette P and I’m addicted to Post-its.  Whew, at least we got that out of the way.  Now, back to the point… at the end of last year I set my goals and resolutions for 2009 and because time flies when your having fun, it’s now time to reflect and see how I did.

Are ya ready??

My goals were to:

Listen more/talk less:

This is kind of an ‘open ended’ goal as there really isn’t a tangible end to it.  I will say that I have made a huge effort at this and still hear myself reminding me to ‘listen’ when I want to talk… I’m a work in progress, what can I say.

Run 500 miles:

Well, I have tallied up my miles and it seems I did not meet this goal.  My total was 392.  It seems I didn’t keep very good track during the summer months when I was doing alot more cycling than running, but I was able to go back thru my journal and figure out how many miles I did.   I really thought I was going to be alot closer to 500 but it is what it is.

Do a 5k/10k every month:

Goal met!!   Some months there were more than one race so I ended up with eight  5k’s, three   5 mile runs (2 of them were trail runs) and three 10k’s.  Not too shabby.

Train for and complete a 10k:

Goal met!!   I actually ended up doing three of them this year improving my time with each one.

And a half marathon:

Training for this one now and will be running the Surf City Half Marathon in February…

Ride a Century:

This one is bitter-sweet because we did the Tour de Palm Springs Metric Century last year (60 miles) and LOVED it!!  We were so excited to do the 100 miler this year but Mother Nature had other plans.   We rode the first 15-20 miles in the strongest headwinds we had ever seen, much less ride in.  The wind was SO strong we had to pedal DOWN hill!!  Anyway, by mile 72 we were spent and the rider support was sweeping the course.  We only made it to mile 72 and were so bummed.

Take one FABULOUS trip:

Vermont baby!!!!    This is my dream place and WILL be back again.   It was a week of Heaven on earth.  Goal met.

Journal the entire year:

Goal met!!!   I’ve journaled off and on throughout my life, never consistently…until this year.   Each night when I get in bed I write about my day, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, etc… I have 3 completely full journals to prove it and will most likely continue after the year is over.

Spend less/save more:

Well,  yeah.  Ok so I have more in my savings than I did at this time last year but I think my intention was to have more than I do now… but we’ll give credit where credit is due and say Goal met.

Work at living simply:

I’m going to say that the KEY words in this goal were to “Work atand I do believe I did that…so I will say Goal met and continue to work at this one.

All in all I think I did pretty good.

Progress not perfection right girls? I think it’s important to recognize that we are all striving to be the BEST that we can be and be good to ourselves and each other…

This year I will be a bit more specific in my goals and will be posting them soon…  There is just so much I want to do or improve upon, but I also don’t want to set myself up to fail either.  It’s about pushing myself outside of the comfort zone without pushing myself off the edge… balance my friends, it’s about balance.   I’m off to walk the beam.