Ready or not!

5 02 2010


The weekend has finally arrived.  You know the one.  It’s the weekend I will be running my very 1st Half Marathon!!!


I’m not afraid of alot but one thing I do fear is the UNKNOWN.  Which would explain the butterflies that feel like they are trying to tear their way out of my stomach!  I keep telling myself that “I CAN DO THIS” and really I know that I can but I’m still nervous.

Sorry for the randomness of this post but I am having a hard time focusing on anything other than Sunday right now and I just wanted to share a few things…

After 15 weeks of training and even more time mentally preparing, I have done two 10 mile runs.  One felt great, one not so much.   Looking back at the training I think it was an OK plan, but I have already been thinking of ways to tweak it a bit to get more out of it.

Yep you guessed it, there WILL be another one.  I kind of have that mentality of “if one is good, two is better”  so sometime around the Fall I will plan for another Half.

My sister and I run on the riverbed trail every Sunday morning for our long runs.  Every Sunday we see this woman running, we see her on our return trip so she is always running toward us and we always say HI.   Last weekend I asked her as we ran by if she would be at Surf City and she said YES.   I wonder if we’ll see her there…  I just found it interesting, like ‘running’ is the ‘shoelace’ that ties us all together.

Tapering is hard mentally,  I find that I have the urge to go out and run or I’ll lose all that I’ve built up.  I know that is not true but not running the week before a big event is as hard as I’ve heard it to be.   I ran my last run yesterday, an easy peasy 2.5 miles.  Then I came home and whipped up some juice!!

An interesting thing I learned while training for this (from Thrive of course!) is that immediately after a hard workout you need to replace the Glycogen stores in your muscles.   I always thought that I needed protein immediately after a hard workout, it turns out that should come a bit later.  According to Thrive,  immediately following a workout, the best snack is one that contains Simple Carbohydrates with no fats, not even good fats.  This will allow you to replace the glycogen in your muscles so that it will be readily available for your next workout.   The nutrient rich meal that would include protein should follow about an hour later.

Carrot, Romaine, Beet & Apple   Mmmmm good!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, watching football, getting massages, going wine tasting, running 10 miles, whatever it is YOU will be doing this weekend… just know that you will all be with me at the beach as I run my first Half.  Thank you for all of the encouragement and kind words.



Technology is dead…

16 01 2010

Ok so maybe that’s just a tad dramatic.

But yesterday morning as I’m getting ready to head out the door into the cold dark morning for my 3 mile run… I try to turn on my Garmin to set on the porch – DEAD.   Dead I say!   I keep it on the charger at all times if I’m not using it so at this point I have no idea what is wrong with it and I gather up my ipod, gloves and hanky and realize my iPod has very little charge in it.  Never fear, I have a back up iPod…   that one was DEAD.   GEEZ, I just gotta get out and run so I take iPod #1 and head out.   All is well except that I’m worried about my million dollar gadget that I’ve had for 3 months being broken and just about mile 2 the iPod gives up.   I had to laugh at that point because I was just missing the whole point of being out there!  It wasn’t about how fast or how far I was running, it wasn’t about Lady Gaga singing Bad Romance in my ear,  it was about being ALIVE!!   I was outdoors running on a glorious morning.  I enjoyed the last mile of my run and was kind of sad it was over,  if I didn’t have this thing called ‘work’ to go to I would have been out there for another hour.

After my glorious run, I made a batch of juice.

It could have fooled me with the looks of it (sorry for the blur)…it sure looks like coffee to me!  But alas it is a combo of:

  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 cup cranberries
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 head romaine

it didn’t really have a strong flavor, I think the celery and romaine may have stood out the most but it was very light and refreshing!

Well my friends, I’m off to help a very special boy (my nephew/godson) celebrate his birthday!!

Have a Wonderful dry Saturday!!


A free glass

4 01 2010

It wasn’t long ago that a certain Mama told us about a Free glass with every jar.  Well I finally got my free glass!!

So tasty too!!!

And what might this beautiful juice be???  That would be carrot, apple & cranberry thank you very much!!   It also had a handful of spinach thrown in because you can never have too many greens…  I still don’t think I’ve gotten my juicing legs yet because I still feel a little chicken to stray too far away from carrot/apple & either orange or cranberry.    I have done some romaine with carrot/apple and that was good too but the time I tried adding ginger- WOW!  I didn’t really like that one as much.   Tonight when I put the spinach in the juicer it kinda flung around and I’m not really sure how much of it actually became juice.  I think I will save my spinach for smoothies.

My kids laugh at me and my juicer-  they think I’m funny.  It turns out my girls can be bought though.  They both have agreed to take cold hard CASH in exchange for them taking a drink of my juice.  The boy on the other had will not.  It may or may not have something to do with this excerpt I read to him from The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing book:

“Beet juice is potent stuff.  Never drink it solo.  Always dilute it with a milder juice such as apple, carrot or cucumber.  Pure beet juice-from the bulb or the greens-may temporarily paralyze your vocal chords, cause you to break out in hives, increase your heart rate and give you alternating chills and fever.”

Even I had to laugh at that one!!!

So, me and my best girl did some shopping yesterday.  She had a giftcard burning a hole in her pocket and I will use any excuse under the sun to go to Barnes & Noble so off we went.

This lovely lady managed to stay within her $20 gift card budget…. mommy on the other hand swiped the old debit card like I wasn’t even breaking a resolution.

I’ve given myself a deadline of the 15th to get the “budget” buttoned down and from then on out I will be on a self imposed “cash only” basis… to avoid the old debit card swipes that I don’t give a second thought to.

I also got this DELICIOUS tea while at B&N

pretty darn tasty….

Over the past few days when I’m not out running around swiping my debit card like it’s going out of style, I’ve been thinking about my resolutions.   It may also be that I’ve been reading alot about resolutions and goals this week too…some of us are doing Green Smoothie Cleanses,  but I’ve been thinking (uh oh), that while the list I’ve made is purely personal and really only I will benefit from them, it might be fun to do a monthly challenge that will benefit anyone BUT myself.

So, this month my monthly challenge is for me to take my re-useable cloth grocery bags with me on EVERY single shopping trip.  No more leaving them hanging on the kitchen doorknob, no more leaving them in the trunk of my car…No more plastic bags in the landfill from ME this month… I declare January RE-USEABLE shopping bag month.

Wish me luck!


Happy Boxing Day!!

26 12 2009

Now this is a holiday I can REALLY get into.   What do I love about Boxing Day you ask??  Well, for starters

  • there is NO preparation required.
  • You get to sleep in as late as you want (unless your moving today)
  • you can celebrate it ANY way you want to…

I mean really, the possibilities are endless….   Feel free to Celebrate it any ole way you choose.  It’s like a ‘DIY’ holiday.  Make up the rules as you go.  I personally will celebrate Boxing Day by

  • enjoying no less than 2 cups of coffee, alone in the Peace and Quiet that has taken over my house
  • juice every lick of produce I currently have in my fridge
  • take down the fire hazard Christmas tree
  • clean, clean, clean till my daddy takes the T-bird away
  • take the worlds Best Boy to Best Buy as promised (and since it’s RIGHT across the street from Sprouts I will pop in for a Produce Re-stocking like you’ve never seen before, but DON’T tell him…)
  • and I will most likely end my day with some more juice

Before I actually get started on these festivities I wanted to share some memories of Christmas past….  well, yesterday IS past.

The day started at 4:30 AM.   The kids were up, opening their stockings and seeing what Santa brought them.  The way we do it is that Santa does not wrap the gift he leaves them,  that way they know which one is from Santa and his gift is usually something they love but not the BIG gift.   Inside the stockings are tons of little things like candy, new toothbrushes, hair clips, lip gloss, etc.  basically anything that will fit inside a stocking.  BUT I wrap each individual item with white tissue paper.  Sometimes everything wont fit in the stocking so it gets stacked beside it….   So, in the morning when they get up they will see their stocking and their Santa gift  and they all open their stocking stuff….   I lay in bed listening to them laugh and compare and talk.   It’s an unwritten rule that this time is theirs alone which is ok by me as I am happy to listen to this sibling interaction from my bed.  This is my personal favorite time of the morning….  they think I’m still sleeping but I’m not.

After they have eaten candy (GAWD!) and can’t stand it anymore they will come get me up….   I oooh and ahhhh over what they got from Santa while making my coffee and then we all sit around the tree.   We pass out one present at a time, starting with Makenna (youngest) and ending with me (oldest) as we watch each person open their gift.  We go round and round and round until all the gifts are gone.

So, what did I get???   Well first let me say this…

see these kids???    BEST kids EVER!!!    Just sayin’

These kids outdid themselves this year!!  They got me SO MUCH awesome stuff!!  I am still in awe over the things they got me but the cherry on top was this…

Oh yeah baby….   come to mama!!   See that word “COMPACT”?   Yeah, not so much, this thing is HUGE!!

Pond scum at it's finest!!

carrot, romaine and apple juice!!    Delicious!!

I was a juicing fool yesterday… probably whipped up about 4 batches of juice and loved every drop of it!   As for the kids, they were all very happy with their gifts and everyone had a wonderful day.

On Christmas Eve we took some pictures of the whole family (minus grandma who was in the house)

My dad is in the center (in grey) with Me and my sisters (white and burgundy) and all the grandkids….

I will leave you with this… remember, if you wake up before the sun and find yourself sleeping on the sofa…. people WILL put stuff on you,  this trend is not exclusive to cats.

I’m off to haul all the Christmas containers in from the garage to begin the Boxing Day celebrations…  wish me luck and energy tomorrow my friends, I will be running 10 miles at dawn.    And I’m nervous!   But, I will have some new running gear to use and will try to remember to get some photos so I can post them!  More gifts from the kiddos!!

Enjoy your day!!