Happy Boxing Day!!

26 12 2009

Now this is a holiday I can REALLY get into.   What do I love about Boxing Day you ask??  Well, for starters

  • there is NO preparation required.
  • You get to sleep in as late as you want (unless your moving today)
  • you can celebrate it ANY way you want to…

I mean really, the possibilities are endless….   Feel free to Celebrate it any ole way you choose.  It’s like a ‘DIY’ holiday.  Make up the rules as you go.  I personally will celebrate Boxing Day by

  • enjoying no less than 2 cups of coffee, alone in the Peace and Quiet that has taken over my house
  • juice every lick of produce I currently have in my fridge
  • take down the fire hazard Christmas tree
  • clean, clean, clean till my daddy takes the T-bird away
  • take the worlds Best Boy to Best Buy as promised (and since it’s RIGHT across the street from Sprouts I will pop in for a Produce Re-stocking like you’ve never seen before, but DON’T tell him…)
  • and I will most likely end my day with some more juice

Before I actually get started on these festivities I wanted to share some memories of Christmas past….  well, yesterday IS past.

The day started at 4:30 AM.   The kids were up, opening their stockings and seeing what Santa brought them.  The way we do it is that Santa does not wrap the gift he leaves them,  that way they know which one is from Santa and his gift is usually something they love but not the BIG gift.   Inside the stockings are tons of little things like candy, new toothbrushes, hair clips, lip gloss, etc.  basically anything that will fit inside a stocking.  BUT I wrap each individual item with white tissue paper.  Sometimes everything wont fit in the stocking so it gets stacked beside it….   So, in the morning when they get up they will see their stocking and their Santa gift  and they all open their stocking stuff….   I lay in bed listening to them laugh and compare and talk.   It’s an unwritten rule that this time is theirs alone which is ok by me as I am happy to listen to this sibling interaction from my bed.  This is my personal favorite time of the morning….  they think I’m still sleeping but I’m not.

After they have eaten candy (GAWD!) and can’t stand it anymore they will come get me up….   I oooh and ahhhh over what they got from Santa while making my coffee and then we all sit around the tree.   We pass out one present at a time, starting with Makenna (youngest) and ending with me (oldest) as we watch each person open their gift.  We go round and round and round until all the gifts are gone.

So, what did I get???   Well first let me say this…

see these kids???    BEST kids EVER!!!    Just sayin’

These kids outdid themselves this year!!  They got me SO MUCH awesome stuff!!  I am still in awe over the things they got me but the cherry on top was this…

Oh yeah baby….   come to mama!!   See that word “COMPACT”?   Yeah, not so much, this thing is HUGE!!

Pond scum at it's finest!!

carrot, romaine and apple juice!!    Delicious!!

I was a juicing fool yesterday… probably whipped up about 4 batches of juice and loved every drop of it!   As for the kids, they were all very happy with their gifts and everyone had a wonderful day.

On Christmas Eve we took some pictures of the whole family (minus grandma who was in the house)

My dad is in the center (in grey) with Me and my sisters (white and burgundy) and all the grandkids….

I will leave you with this… remember, if you wake up before the sun and find yourself sleeping on the sofa…. people WILL put stuff on you,  this trend is not exclusive to cats.

I’m off to haul all the Christmas containers in from the garage to begin the Boxing Day celebrations…  wish me luck and energy tomorrow my friends, I will be running 10 miles at dawn.    And I’m nervous!   But, I will have some new running gear to use and will try to remember to get some photos so I can post them!  More gifts from the kiddos!!

Enjoy your day!!



Silence is golden…

21 11 2009

Whew!  What a week!

I wasn’t gone.

I was here in spirit!

It’s been quiet a busy week for some reason.  Looking back I can’t really say where the time went except that it wasn’t spent blogging…  In a nutshell it’s been up at dawn, run, drive, work, drive, cook, clean, sleep, repeat…. with some eating thrown in for good measure.

I did meet the ‘boy’ in my oldest daughters life and I really like him.  He is a very nice young man and it seems like they really like each other but apparently they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend,  she made sure to tell me they were just ‘hanging out’ .   I guess that’s what the kids are calling it these days.  All I know is it makes me feel so old and out of it…  Maybe that’s why I’m still single,  I’ve been thinking I was missing a ‘boyfriend’ when I was really missing a ‘hanger’ not to be confused with the ones I have in my closet apparently…

It’s been a very quiet weekend here, the 2 big kids went snowboarding and it’s just me and little girlie.  We went and saw New Moon today and she reminded me of the teenagers you see screaming at the Beatles-  she was in awe!

In food news,  this lovely little lady wanted tacos for dinner…  so while I made her the standard taco as she requested.  I tried something new with mine.   I heated my corn tortillas under the broiler with a bit of shredded cheese just like I would if I were making Cindy’s delish tacos except that I filled them with black beans and topped them with sliced avocado with a squeeze of lemon and some hot sauce…   OMG!   They were SO good!

I’ve been working towards eliminating meat from my diet for a couple months now and I am happy to say that I think I’ve done it.   I think it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had meat.  I am still using cheese once in a while, eggs and yogurt occasionally but have even replaced milk with Hemp or Almond milk.  Hemp is by far my favorite.  I find it to be very creamy and the taste is yummy!

Ever since reading and re-reading Thrive this type of diet just feels right to me.   And I feel so good, I can’t complain!

Thanksgiving is coming up and while I fully intend to fill my belly full of mashed potatoes, yams and salad I am on the lookout for a protein source to bring… any suggestions??

After a day of running around I’m looking forward to a hot cup of tea and a soft pillow… my eyes insisted on popping open at 5:00am this morning and tomorrow my sorry arse has a date with sister on the trail for a 7 mile run YIKES!  6.2 miles is the farthest I have ever run so tomorrow will be a personal distance record.  I pray we have no wind this time and that the time flies like we are having fun!!

Have a lovely evening friends…


The dirt, nothin but the dirt…

6 11 2009

This is how it goes,  I think about food,  I prepare food, I eat food… I don’t seem to photograph food…  it’s not something I do.   I’ll try harder.  What I do photograph is FUN.


This is what you get when you give a 9 year old a camera...

I believe kids need fresh air,  they need love and they need food (not necessarily in that order).  Nor is this all they need but so far I’ve managed to meet all these needs.  I’ve always said the dirtier the kid the better the day was!  There is nothing quiet like a dirty kid at the end of the day.   I have never been nor will I ever be the fussy, keep your hands and clothes clean type of mom.   I believe that is why we have soap and water… go play and if ya get dirty so be it.

So when I look out my back door and see this:


It makes mama happy!!!

The sweetest 9 year old I know, still in school clothes (minus the shoes) and the first place she goes is her ‘kitchen’ under the avocado tree….  What is she doing??   I’m glad you asked!   Today’s special happens to be a Raw Vegan dish.   Best of all, it’s Organic!


The basic recipe includes:

3 C dirt

1 1/2 C water

leaves for garnish

Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients and stir until smooth.   Transfer to serving dish and garnish with leaves.

Optional mix ins:



Be creative and have fun!!


And always remember…… to smile for the camera!!


And just for the record, she cleans up nicely…



How’s this for a flashback friday???    This is going WAAAYYYYYYY back,   back to the day when I was proud of those abs!!


As pure and innocent as they come...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Go outside and get dirty would ya!  It’s good for the soul!