Little bit of this…and a little bit of that…

9 11 2009

First things first….  Thank you Cindy for the scrum-ditly-uptious cup o’tea I’m enjoying as I type!!   She sensed I was having TEA ENVY and kindly sent me a few bags.  Of course the day after I got them I found the Holiday Teas in my Sprouts, isn’t that how it always happens??


lookie lookie it's a cookie (tea bag)!!


the cup says it all...

We started with a few of these beautiful little pumpkins.  They’re so adorable that I always am tempted to keep them as fall decor, I feel so guilty cutting into them.


After meeting it’s fate with my knife, this is what they were reduced to…


hello my pretties…


all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again… still applies even when it’s not an egg.


but would you look at all that tender pumpkin we got from 3 little pumpkins.  8 cups!!


and seeds… geez louise did we get seeds



roasted to perfection

Our harvest is in!!  The avocados are ripe!  There are still lots of smallish ones so I should be set for a while…


And the Habaneros, they WONT QUIT!!   I actually bought this teeny weeny little plant at the begining of summer as a joke!  And it has gotten HUGE I say…

IMG_2600It’s amazing what some worm compost will do to a plant!!   If ya haven’t already, I suggest you try it.

Back to the joke.  My dad makes THE BEST salsa, he makes it daily and living right next door to my parents, my kids and I usually have some daily.   One day he says “I think I want a My Space”  HUH?  What did you just say????

apparently he’s been hanging around the 13 year old grandkids and “heard about it”  this coming from the man who just got an ATM card THIS YEAR!!  I don’t know how they make it thru life sometimes!  Anyway, he’s also mentioned on more than one occasion he want’s to be known as Chili Willie (his name is Willie) , I guess he’s got an idea he thought would be good for My Space, all things salsa… Um No Dad, that’s not really what it’s about…  so I bought this plant as a joke for him…and now it wont stop!


In other news… Natalie @ NoNo2YoYo is having an awesome giveaway.  And she’s also doing some great work with her Project Feed Me campaign!!   It’s a great way for all of us to help out in a BIG way.  I signed up to purchase 2 items a week for 9 weeks and at the end of the 9 weeks which will be right before Christmas, I will take all my food items to a local food bank to help feed the less fortunate.  Most weeks you will not spend much more than $1 per item.  We are on week 5 this week and the item is Peanut Butter.   Imagine if we all did a small part what a BIG impact we could have as a group.  There’s still time for you to get involved and I’d be so grateful as I know she would also if you’d help!   You can either click on her link above or on the Project Feed me button.

Now, let’s talk RUNNING….   last week I said I wanted to Challenge myself to RUN all my training runs thru the end of the year.   So far so good!!   I ran a glorious 5.2 miles on Sunday with my sister and am happy to report I didn’t walk one single step!   It felt sooooo amazing, which is the best part of running- how amazing you feel afterward!

The training plan for this week calls for a 2.5 mile run a 3.5 mile run and a 6 miler on Sunday…

Have yourself a good sweat today and be good to yourself, your worth it!!