11 11 2009

Today as we recognize those that have fought for not only our freedom but the freedom of others.  I will take a moment to remember my grandfather, my father and my uncles who risked their lives for my freedom.  I will also take a moment to recognize that in the coming year my daughter, my first born will be following in their footsteps.  It’s a brave thing they do for us, far braver than anything I will ever do in my lifetime.

Some days, most days I never even give freedom a single thought.

Freedom:  the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint

So this morning I reflect on the simplest things that I take for granted.  Like the fact that I can run thru the streets with bare legs, bare arms and a bare face and not give it a single thought.   Or that I can write whatever I want on a blog.  I can speak, read and listen to anything I want.  I can praise God and I can do nothing.  We have choices.  For that I am thankful.


I can even post silly pictures of myself waiving a flag-  but you must look closely to see the flag as it was waiving fast.


So today in honor or Veteran’s day I will excersize my right to watch a movie if I can sit still long enough, because 99% of my days are crammed too full anyway and I’ve already gotten my training run out of the way.   2.7 miles nonstop as the sun came up and that makes me happy.

Have a peaceful day my friends…